For an easy double-entry bookkeeping in Excel

This small program made for Microsoft Excel is :
ReedCompta v1.68 for PC and Mac
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  1. My screen is freezing on the homepage and I can't do anything ?

  2. At the program startup, you have to accept enabling macros when a message box appears asking you to allow them. Excel macros are necessary for the program to work. Excel Macros could be described as might containing viruses or other security hazards. The program ReedCompta does not contain any viruses and is under no circumstances used for malicious activities.

  3. I can't do any copy-paste in the program ?

  4. If you use a Macintosh, the copy-paste option has been disabled to avoid changing cells properties in the file. Copy-paste works on PC. But normaly, copy-paste is not essential to write the bookkeeping.

  5. How can I change the display language on ReedCompta ?

  6. The display language can be modified top right on the first sheet of the program :

    ReedCompta on Excel